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a Headmouse isn’t just for the head anymore!


Computer Access Technologies

     Since 2004 LaZee Tek’s  products have provided computer access for people with physical disabilities.

     Our alternative mice are designed to fit the user.  Often categorized as a Headmouse by default, they can ALSO be operated anywhere from head to toe, or attached to anything and manipulated like a joystick by the user.

Best in Class

     Our Assistive Technology devices were developed with Universal Design practices.  The results were  alternative mouse devices compatible with a multitude of platforms.

     These devices aid folks with ALS, Arthritis, CTS, CP, MD, MS, RSI, SCI, or TBI to access a computer.

The “Original”
LaZee Mouse Family

  • self contained
  • easy to operate
  • cost effective
  • mouse alternatives

eeZee Mouse Family

w/Body Sensor

  • easy to operate
  • Body Sensor control 
  • Designed to fit user abilities
3 LaZee Mouse Alternative Computer Mice
Three eeZee Mouse adaptive computer mouse


PC Desktop, Notebook, Tablet
     Windows - 8.1, 8, 8.1RT, 7, Vista, XP
     Unix/Linux - Any with HID driver
     Android - Any with HID driver

Mac  Desktop, Notebook
     OSX - 8.0 and above

AAC/SGD - Any with USB/HID driver

LaZee Tek is a
Dell ATS Partner



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